Live and Interactive Online Hands-on Workshop on Ethical Hacking/Pentesting

Broadcasters of ICT (BICT) in partnership with Intore security lab are organizing Cyber security Workshop on Ethical Hacking.
Cyber Security awareness is one of the most important aspects that a business must handle in their day-to-day operations. Small to medium size businesses are especially at risk, as they often do not have the proper funding, knowledge, or training to protect themselves from cyber security vulnerabilities.
The main goal of this workshop to emphasize why cybersecurity matters to everyone, whether you are working as a faculty, students, university staff or administrators. This workshop will discuss and demonstrate how technology becomes vulnerable to cybercrime and how hackers exploit technological systems.
Ethical Hackers are essential to secure computer systems from intrusion – as increased internet usage has resulted in increased security threats.

Cyber Security Workshop Course Highlights

1. Understand the basic concepts of cyber security, and all the stages of ethical hacking
2. Exposure to Ethical Hacking; the latest tools and methods being used by cyber criminals & terrorists and how ethical Hackers can fight them
3. Interactive lecture sessions and Demonstration of different Hacking Technologies
4. Have hands-on experience of using different tools and techniques for ethical hacking and learn how manage and/or to prepare penetration tests.

Who will benefit from this workshop?

This workshop has been developed to familiarize attendees (from academics, advanced undergraduate and graduate students to cyber/information security officers/professionals, IT officers/managers and researchers in cyber security) with one of the most sought after skills and cutting-edge technologies: ethical hacking/penetration testing. Moreover, it will provide a well-grounded guide to use various tools to do security analysis of a target system.

Duration: Every Friday from 10th up to 31st July 3:00-5:30 Pm
Presented By: Kevin Nyawakira, CTO and Chief Hacking Officer at Intore Security Lab

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